CHICAGO (WLS/CNN) - The Federal Aviation Administrationgrounded Boeing's new Dreamliner 787 plane due to safety concerns Wednesday.

Chicago's O'Hare International Airport felt the impact of the decision.

For LOT Polish Airlines, Wednesday evening was supposed to be the Boeing Dreamliners' coming out party at O'Hare. One Dreamliner flight arrived in Chicago from Warsaw, and a big celebration was planned for the landing, but organizers scrapped it.

"We have to cancel our activities behind the scenes over there, the ribbon cutting, we just don't feel it's appropriate at this moment," said Frank Joose with LOT Polish Airlines.

"Would have been nice at least to see the plane," said Paul Odrobina, Vice President of National Polish Alliance.

"It's a bit of a disappointment but I think I understand the safety concerns," said Jan Lorys, Director of Polish Museum of America.

The Dreamliner flight back to Warsaw was canceled. Meanwhile, Boeing has issued a statement in reaction to the FAA grounding.

The CEO said "We are confident the 787 is safe and we stand behind its overall integrity. We will be taking every necessary step in the coming days to assure our customers and the traveling public of the 787's safety and to return the airplanes to service."

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