BROOKLYN, Ill. - The St. Clair County State's Attorney's Office has declared a building within Brooklyn city limits to be a public nuisance after an undercover sting operation on a purported massage parlor revealed the business was also operating as a brothel.

According to court documents, members of the Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois went to the S & L Rub massage parlor on S. 3rd Street posing as a group of intoxicated men "celebrating a divorce." After making contact with a woman in the lobby of the business, the agents were told to pick out a woman who would administer the massage and that they could discuss "tips" in private.

Two agents went into private rooms with women, and the women discussed prices of different sexual acts that they would perform on the agents. After the agents and women agreed to prices for a specific act, other special agents swarmed into the building and made arrests.

The two women in question, identified as Lori Fowler and Amelia Boyd, were each issued a citation for prostitution.

The owner of the business, identified as Timothy Lewis, was also cited.

The state's attorney's office has charged the sheriff's department to shut the business down and remove any property used in conducting or aiding and abetting the alleged crime.