COLUMBUS, OHIO - Karen Richards of Columbus could have been skeptical after not just years but decades trying to find her younger brother Kim.

"I remember Mom having him out in the back yard, like the picture we have, with me on the bike and Mom holding him up," she said.

Their mother died when they were still very young and living in California. They had different fathers and those fathers took them in different directions.

"All I remembered was having a sister," Kim said. "I may have had some memory of what she looked like. Maybe, I don't remember."

Despite social media, they were both stymied in their search for one another.

"I don't go by 'Kim' any more, she doesn't go by 'Lawson' anymore," he said.

Kim has gone by "Larry" most of his adult life, but a coworker helped Karen finally find him using an online search. She immediately sent a letter to him in Texas, but his response took a little longer.

"If it's not a scam, could it actually, really be my sister?" he asked

"That was the longest three weeks I've ever waited for," Richards said.

But connect they did, first by phone, and finally, this week, Kim was able to visit and begin catching up in-person.

"There's something special about having a brother and sister, that I never had."

Even though more than half a century has passed since this photo was taken, both say their reunion has brought them a new lease on life.

"I want to stay connected, of course, never lose connection with her again," Kim said.

"It's done. He's part of me, and he's always going to be part of me," Richards said.

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