By Jeanne Moos

New York (WJAR/CNN) - Plenty of people dream about quitting their job, and going out with a bang!

But how about the clang of cymbals and the blare of a tuba?

A Rhode Island hotel worker recently turned his resignation into a musical event, and the incident has made him an internet sensation.

If you're mad at management and you want to quit your job as a hotel room service server, imagine sneaking in a brass band and serving this to your boss.

"Jared, I'm here to tell you I'm quitting," said Joey DeFrancesco as the band he snuck in started to play.

Joey says he had just finished his last 13 hour day at the Marriott Renaissance in Providence, Rhode Island, after three and a half years of butting heads with bosses, and helping to organize a union.

He says he decided to live his fantasy.

Joey is a member of the "What Cheer?" band. He used his access code to bring a dozen or so band members through the employee entrance to stake out his boss's office. Now "Joey Quits" is a YouTube sensation.

He says his hotel sources tell him that after the band left, management called police, but no action has been taken against him.

The hotel would only say "We take the health and satisfaction of our employees very seriously." Going on to cite nice things management has done, like an iron chef competition for employees, and housekeeping week.

We've seen a happy resignation presented on a cake, and a spicy "I quit" when a Taco Bell employee near Buffalo, New York rearranged the letters on the sign. He even punctuated his expletive with a smiley face.

To those who told Joey he'll never get a reference, "I wasn't going to get a reference anyway. Organizing a union, they hate me anyway," he said.

Joey already has a new job, though his new boss doesn't want him to say where. It's a job where his college degree in history could come in handy.

Over at ABC they labeled Joey's exit the "I Quit" polka. Actually, it's a Serbian song, and now Joey's a hit in Serbia.

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