By Kohr Harlan

Portland, OR (KOIN/CNN) - People take photos of just about everything.

A woman had naked pictures of her, inside of her dead horse.

Yes, she was actually in the horse.

The photos have been blurred, but they still may be disturbing to some viewers.

CNN blurred out the most graphic parts of the picture, which is actually most of it.

For the record, it is a dead horse, recently slaughtered, all of its insides laying on the ground, and the face of a 21-year-old woman smiling back at the camera from inside the dead horse's carcass.

"She got all the way in it?" asked the woman's mother.

[Reporter]: "That's her head."

"Oh my God, she got all the way in it. What was she thinking?" said the woman's mother.

The woman's mother hadn't seen the pictures until CNN showed them to her.

Washington County sheriff's deputies have also seen the photos.

"She decided, I don't know if it was pre-meditated or if she decided once they were slaughtering the horse that she wanted to crawl inside it and feel what it was like to be one with the horse," said Sgt. Dave Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

In an incident report prepared by Washington County sheriff's deputies, the woman said there was nothing religious about what she did, and didn't intend to offend anyone. She said she was just curious, and nothing else.

But there's more of all of this.

Photos of the woman and her boyfriend holding what appears to be the horse's heart and some other part of the horse looking as though they're about to take a bite.

One picture, the most artistic one of the bunch, shows the woman naked and blood-soaked from head to toe, standing over the horse.

"At some during point you in your career you say yeah I've seen a lot of bad stuff, you see this kind of picture and you realize maybe you haven't seen everything," said Sgt. Thompson.

While all this sounds weird and possibly illegal, no charges have been filed in this investigation. It's actually been suspended.

The horse in question was 32-years-old and suffered because of medical issues.

The horse was put down humanely with a single shot to the brain from a high-powered rifle.

The intent was, according to the police report, slaughter the horse and eat it.

The woman's mother says it was the sweetest meat she'd ever tasted.

She also says her daughter wishes she didn't take the photos, and apparently has been getting death threats.

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