Lexington County, SC (WIS/CNN) - A South Carolina teacher is under investigation after students say they were forced to rub her feet.

Yes, foot massages were apparently part of the curriculum.

"She admitted to the children rubbing her feet. Just the thought of it, she admitted to it and they immediately sent her home," said Brenda Norris.

Norris is far from satisfied. Her 6-year-old first grade granddaughter came home from Batesburg-Leesville Primary School last Wednesday to say she was tired of rubbing her teacher's feet.

"Do she take off her socks or shoes off? She say, she wears flip flops Grandma," said Norris.

Norris refused to name the teacher, but said she would select students to massage her feet during class time.

"My granddaughter has nightmares, my granddaughter cries. She said I have three wishes, Grandma. One of them was not to go to school today," said Norris.

Outraged, Norris took to Facebook and found at least half a dozen parents who said this also happened to their kids.

The district says the situation has been handled.

"I don't trust the system at all now. I can't trust the system. I'm afraid for her to go to school," said Norris.

She says the punishment is unacceptable since the teacher still has her job, and her granddaughter's trust has been destroyed.

"She was taught to do what the teacher said do. And the teacher wants her to rub her feet? She told me grandma, you didn't tell me if I touch someone else, to tell you, and that broke my heart," said Norris.

A full investigation is underway, a district spokesperson said, adding appropriate action has been taken, and the situation has been resolved.

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