By Jeanne Moos


- She has tanned her way into pop culture notoriety, the so-called "tanorexic mom" has been immortalized as an action figure.

In less than a week she went from complete anonymity to household name, with her own action figure, tanning bed not included.

She's smokin' hot, though even her impersonator on Saturday Night Live wasn't as disturbingly brown as the real thing.

The real tanning mom told reporters her evolving shades were more the result of creams and spray-ons than repeat visits to the tanning salon.

And though many commentators are starting to believe her when she says she really didn't' bring her daughter into a tanning booth, it's hard to avert your eyes.

The tanorexic mom's action figure is for sale for $30 at


"This actually looks better than she does," said one person.

The real tanning mom, Patricia Krentcil, told the New York Post she saw the SNL parody and pronounced it well done.

Not so well done, the tan lines on the action figure. What tanorexic would go in a tannign salon and only do their face?

Turns out, all of the bodies have to be interchangeable, so the tanorexic mom is sharing the same body as the Sarah Palin action figure.

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