Tampa, FL (WFTS) -- A Florida woman who is 8-months pregnant with her16th child is claiming police brutality after she says officers used a stun gun on her, but police have a different story.

Last Tuesday,Angel Adams was wheeled away from ahouseafter beingshocked by a Tampa police officer.

"The bottom line with the situation is this mother chose to put her unborn child at risk," saidLaura McElroy ofTampa Police.

Police said the 39-year-old mother is no stranger to the system.

Adams was on the news to years agowhen she fought to regain, then retail custody of 12 of her youngest children after she was deemed an unfit parent.

WFTS made multiple attempts to contact Adams or anyone involved with the May 2 fracas.

"That would be a very good way to describe it was a knock down drag out fight," said McElroy.

McElroy said a pair of officers attempted to question one of Angel's sons about a rock throwing incident, when several family members, including Angel, her 21-year-old daughter, also named Angel, and two 13-year-olds attacked the officers.

According to the report, by the time back-up arrived at the scene, Angel, the mother, was face down kicking and screaming n the bed after trying to wrestle one of the officers.

"She made that choice long before the officer the backup officer arrived and utilized his ECD from behind not knowing she was pregnant," said McElroy

The Electronic Control Device is highly regulated in Tampa police procedures, but since the officer didn't know her condition, he wasn't reprimanded.

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