WNBC - It was a windy afternoon, and witnesses say the mother had her one year old toddler in a stroller on the "J" subway platform at Van Siclen Avenue. Her three other children were sitting on the bench, when a strong gust of wind suddenly blew through.

"And she walks towards the bench to tend to her 3 kids and all I see is her turn around real quick and run towards the tracks" saidwitness Khalima Ansari.

A moment of horror as the stroller rolled onto the subway tracks - with the boy inside. Khalima Ansari saw it all happen in front of her.

"And my heart was in my stomach. I was shaking. It was scary."

Delroy Simmons was also there on his way to a job interview. He didn't think twice and instantly jumped down on the tracks.

"This is how I knew the baby was in the stroller. When the stroller went over I saw his head fling out. . . When I picked him up the blood and everything was dripping off his body. It was really like," Simmons said as he shook his head in disbelief.

"And what was so scary was that the train was coming and like seconds away from hitting them. I don't know if the conductor would've saw the baby if the guy wasn't there," said Ansari.

The train did stop, but by then Simmons was already back on the platform with the baby who was fine, except for a nasty gash on his forehead.

"I feel good that the baby is alive, and didn't get smashed by that train . . . When I got home, I started crying . . . Like a little baby," said Simmons.

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