KOB - Video released Wednesday by the Santa Fe, New Mexico police department shows an officer ignoring a boy who says he has information regarding a suspected pedophile.

The incident happened two years ago when a 16-year-old boy was arrested for breaking into Jacob Pinto's home.

The video shows the boy trying to give Officer Abe Maes information, but Maes ignores the boy and plays with a knife instead.

"Is there anyway I can talk to someone again?" asks the boy. "Regarding a pedophile? He's taking pictures of kids and I got his camera. I got the camera so I don't know what you guys want to do."

Maes stands outside of the cruiser and doesn't pay attention.

"That guy, he needs help because he works across from the swimming pool and there are little ones there," said the boy. "And all the little kids...he was starting to walk up to them. That man, he was taking pictures of me. It's on the disc, it's on the memory chip and my mom put it on the disc."

Santa Fe Police Lt. Luis Carlos admitted the officer ignored the teen.

"Unfortunately the child's cry for help fell on deaf ears, no one paid attention to him," Lt. Carlos said. "Unfortunately, a member of the Santa Fe Police Department was told what happened."

Eventually the boy successfully told police Pinto raped him on camera and he was only breaking into Pinto's home to get the video evidence of the crime.

"I've watched the tape it's disturbing," Lt. Carlos said.

According to Santa Fe Police management, Officer Maes' actions are "under review," but no disciplinary action has been taken against him.

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