By Janine Starwood

Miami Beach, FL (WPLG/CNN) - A pair of alleged international art thieves are jailed in Florida.

The FBI says they were caught red-handed in a Miami Beach sting trying to sell a famous stolen painting.

No one at the Loews Hotel said they knew about the undercover sting. A $3 million stolen Henri Matisse painting, sources say, was recovered at the Miami Beach hotel, and the crooks are likely in international hot water.

It was 2003 when Odalisque in Red Pants, a 1925 Matisse gem, was surreptitiously stolen from a state museum in Venezuela.

For months, no one knew it was swapped with a fake, but if you look closely at the two side-by-side, experts now say the fake has a shadow behind the dancer.

The real one hadn't been seen in almost a decade.

Sources close to the investigation say the takedown was just before sundown. That's when inside the swanky hotel a man and woman tried to sell the piece for $1.5 million to people they thought were art buyers.

Art buyers they were not. The alleged crooks were selling to undercover agents.

Despite wanted posters for other suspects, the director of hotel security says they know nothing of the sting.

Odalisque in Red Pants is now in good condition and in the hands of law enforcement.

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