By Mike McDaniel

Collins, MS (WLBT/CNN) - Scary moments for drivers on a Mississippi highway. A wrong-way driver forces cars off the road for miles until finally crashing into an oncoming vehicle.

The video was shot by a driver heading north along Highway 49 in Collins, Mississippi. You can see another vehicle heading north as well, except in the southbound lanes.

Collins Police Chief Ronnie Dickinson says that the wrong-way speeding driver was Edward Fairley of Mount Olive, and it's a scene more common than he'd like.

"Unfortunately, we see that all the time. It's not just the state of Mississippi. It's all over," said Dickinson.

Reports claim Fairley was going the wrong way for miles, as unsuspecting drivers ran off the road to avoid being hit. But as Fairley picks up speed, a Ford SUV is right in his path.

The driver of the SUV, Amy Cox, and a young female passenger both walked away from the crash.

Fairley was taken to the hospital with a broken shoulder and non-life threatening injuries.

Dickinson says luckily the SUV did manage to veer slightly, avoiding a direct head-on collision.

John Poulos with the Mississippi Highway Patrol says the roadways can be a dangerous place, especially in cases like this.

"It's just a matter of time before we're going to encounter a crash, and hopefully not, not loss of life," said Poulos.

He says the best practice for drivers in this type of situation would be to get out of the way, but that only works if you have time.

Poulos says distractions in the SUV could have played a role if the driver didn't realize there was an oncoming car.

As the crash plays out on YouTube, Poulos says there could have been another one involving the driver filming the ordeal.

"We can use this as an educational tool, but this same situation could have been deadly, with the driver that was videoing because he's not focused on the roadway himself," he said.

Both Poulos and Dickinson say the scene may have had fortunate outcomes, but that won't always be the case.

The wrong-way driver told police he doesn't remember anything.

He was charged with reckless driving and no proof of insurance.

But he could face more charges, depending on the results of toxicology tests.

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