By Blair Shiff, KUSA-TV

Denver, CO (KUSA) - Early on Friday morning, 12 innocent people were killed and 59 people were injured when 24-year-old James Holmes opened fire in a crowed movie theater in Aurora.

One of the 12 people who died was Jessica Ghawi. Ghawi was a former intern at the Fan in town. Her brotherJordan spoke to 9NEWS just hours after learning her sister had tragically died.

"I'm devastated, as is all of my family," Jordan told 9NEWS anchors Kyle Clark and Kyle Dyer. "I'm just trying to be [the] polar strength right now."

Jordan says the family has accepted her tragic death, but they are hoping to focus on the positive aspects of her life.

"She was passionate," Jordan said. "She conveyed that in every means whether that be text or verbally. She conveyed passion. She inspired people to do great things. She wanted to help, and that's the type of heart she had and the type of person she was."

Jessica had just recently survived the Eaton Center mall shooting in Toronto on June 2 which left seven people injured and one dead.

"My sister had great intuition," Jordan said. "She was actually at the mall shooting in Toronto last month and left three minutes prior because she had a bad feeling. She's dodged some events and listened to her heart, but I want people to remember that heart. Remember the good things she has done. Remember that smile, her possibilities, her perspective, and what she could have done."

Jordan says his entire family is in shock.

"I met up with my mother and she is devastated," Jordan said. "She's lost something that can't be replaced from something that seems completely senseless at this time. But my mom and father are devastated and just trying to compose themselves and have requested that they stay in San Antonio at this point and let me handle the family business at this end so they can start their grieving process."

Jordan has a huge heart which was apparent when he not instantly condemning the shooter.

"This guy whatever his motives were, I'm not going to speculate on that, but he was prepared," Jordan said. "This wasn't just some random act, this was well thought out. There's no point in speculating.
There's no point in producing some kind of hatred at this point on my part. What has happened has happened, and it's time to celebrate her life, and justice will be done in court."

Jordan says a guy friend of Jessica stayed with her after she was shot.

"I want to thank his heroic actions in staying with her," Jordan said. "He did everything he could from what it sounds like."

Suddenly, Jordan saw a photo of Holmes and reacted.

"It's hard to think and look at that face knowing this is the person who took my sister's life, focusing on it is not going to do me any good. It's the celebration, it's the moving forward."

He's asking the people of Colorado to focus on the other victims and hopes they come together as a community and never forget this tragedy.

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