Holland, MI (WZZM) - An enterprising teenager in Michigan is laughing all the way to the bank after his city shut down his hot dog cart.

Thirteen-year-old Nathan Duszynski and was selling franks in downtown Holland. City zoning laws don't allow food trucks to compete with restaurants so he had to close up shop.

A packaging company heard about the boy's troubles and bought the truck for $2,500. That's a lot more than Duszynski paid for it.

Managers at the packaging company say they were impressed with him.

"Just a real go-getter, and at that age that's unusual. It's unusual, I think, that they can relate to adults like he does and so he really caught our eye, so to speak," said Carolyn Norman, Shoreline Container Company.

The teen originally saved up thousands of dollars to buy the cart so he could pay for college and help his sick parents.

The company plans to let Duszynski use the cart for special occasions, such as the wedding he already has lined up.

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