By David Jackson, USA TODAY

President Obama is celebrating his 51st birthday with a round of golf and a trip to Camp David.

After his round on the golf course this morning, Obama will leave for the presidential retreat at Camp David and return to the White House on Sunday.

While the president enjoys his big day in private today, more public celebrations are on tap for next weekend.

The president host an Aug.12 fundraiser at his house in Chicago.

That plan has drawn catcalls from Republicans; one party e-mail asks: "Is It Possible To Celebrate An Occasion Without A Fundraiser?"

Obama cited today's milestone during a Thursday speech in Florida, saying that "I'm going to be 51 on Saturday ... 51. But Michelle says I look 50. ... So that's not bad."

The crowd serenaded Obama with a rendition of "Happy Birthday."

The president responded:

"Thank you ... Now, if I had known you guys were going to sing, we would have had a cake. And then I would have blown out the candle, I would have made a wish that probably would have had to do with electoral votes. ... A win in Florida wouldn't be a bad birthday present."

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