KUSA - Colorado police believe the same man is responsible for two brazen shootings involving police officers in 26 hours.

Denver Police and Westminster Police believe the incidents are related and they consider the suspect armed and extremely dangerous.

It began when Denver Police conducted a traffic stop shortly after midnight November 6 and got into a shootout with the occupant of the car.

"If he's willing to shoot at a police officer, who is to say that he wouldn't shoot at a citizen," Denver Police Public Information Officer Raquel Lopez said.

Vicene Arvizo, 13, was on the couch in his living room nearby.

"I heard one gunshot. It was loud. And then I heard three more. I just got scared," Arvizo said. "I stayed lying down until it was done and then I ran upstairs and woke up everyone."

Arvizo's father said the bullet hit less than two feet from his 8th grade son.

"I would have died. I think that I'm lucky to be alive," the 13-year-old said.

Early Wednesday morning, at 2:45 a.m. a Westminster Police officer conducted another traffic stop.

The officer got out of his car; the suspect shot at the officer.

Westminster Police Investigator Cheri Spottke said the officer was "grazed" by the bullet, treated and released.

"To have disregard for anybody that is around is a scary thing. We consider him armed and extremely dangerous. Please don't approach him. Call 911," Spottke said.

Westminster Police describe the car as a silver or grey, 2000, 4-door Cadillac, with a temporary tag and red primer on the back end.

The driver is described as a Native American man.

Denver's description is similar.

Police are looking for a Hispanic or Native American male, approximately mid 20s to 30s, with long dark hair.

The vehicle is described as primer or hand painted gray 2000 Cadillac Deville with black tinted windows.

The vehicle may also have a broken passenger side window and has a South Dakota license plate 49CAR9.

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