By Christine Insinga

Suffolk County, NY (NEWS 12/CNN) - Nearly 700,000 customers are still without power in the Northeast, after a nor'easter added to the woes of a region still grappling with the damage left behind by last week's Superstorm Sandy.

Many Long Island residents are wondering when the power will be back on.

Josephine Deciutiis' Lindenhurst Street is one of many that local officials say has been cleared to take power.

"One worker told us that it was going to be maybe Thanksgiving. So, yes, it's been very, very rough," she said.

County and town officials say they've been compiling lists on residences that never flooded or have been inspected and cleared.

The same officials blasted Lipa for requiring residents to have their own inspections done in their homes before the utility would restore power.

"People are suffering right now and this cannot go on," said Steve Bellone, Suffolk County Executive.

If you live in Suffolk County south of Montauk Highway, officials say you should start buy turning your main breaker off. If you have sustained any flood damage they say you should contract a license electrical contractor to assess the damage and then have it corrected as soon as possible.

"So that when they power does come back to your area you can turn the main breaker on, because if you turn the main breaker on and you haven't corrected that damage done by the flood, you're going to possibly burn your house down," said Rich Schaffer, Babylon Town Supervisor.

Officials say firefighters will be on standby in each neighborhood as the power is turned back on- just in case there are any incidents.

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