By Kathryn Brown

New York (WCBS/CNN) - Thousands of Con Ed customers are still without power nearly two weeks after Superstorm Sandy, and now there's word of a possible rate hike.

"I think it's outrageous considering what people have gone through," said Chery Fish, a resident of Tribeca.

The feeling of being powerless already has New Yorkers on edge, and now word that Con Ed is planning to raise rates after some have spent 11 days in the dark, is fueling sheer fury.

Richard Faber spent five days without power and another three without heat and hot water. It all finally came back, and he's grateful to crews who made it happen, but questions the timing of a rate increase after such a hardship.

"Bad timing, Yeah. I hope it doesn't go through," said Faber.

"I am sorry for what happened. I am very sorry for what happened," said Kevin Burke, CEO of Con Edison.

Burke says he's not sorry enough to set aside a planned petition to hike utility rates across the board - prices for gas, steam, and electric are all expected to go up.

"We've been investing in our system and part of the reason in general, excluding such a major storm as this, is the system is very reliable. We're going to continue to make those investments and we're going to continue to, as appropriate, apply for increases," said Burke.

"I think you know we may have to have higher rates but I think the public should be involved we should have hearings on it. It shouldn't just be imposed on us," said Fish.

"It seems crazy I know they're probably dealing with an antiquated infrastructure but shouldn't they have thought of this down the road a little bit," said Faber.

If the Public Service Commission approves the rate hike this month, it would go into effect in October 2013.

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