By Frank Mathie

Chicago (WLS/CNN) - Custard-filled doughnuts are a treat for many. Now a Chicago bakery is adding a little alcohol to their filling.

At delightful pastries on West Lawrence they're taking care of two of our dietary vices: eating fattening foods and drinking booze. They are the one and only bakers of drunken doughnuts.

"Drunken doughnuts are our regular doughnut that are filled with different liqueurs, liquored up custards and liquored up jams," said Dobra Bielinski, owner of Delightful Pastries.

The drunken doughnuts are being sold for $3 a piece at all three Delightful Pastries.

As you might imagine, the recipe calls for fillings with a buzz.

"I'm stirring up my passion fruit jelly with my orange liqueur...I'm just pouring the booze in, right in here, and I'm stirring up some more so it just has the right balance," said Bielinski.

But, adult-only fillings without doughnuts to fill is like a glass without a drink, so deep fried doughnuts become the delicious surroundings for the alcohol-flavored injections.

"This is the last step of our drunken doughnuts. We're filling them with our boozed-up custards," said Bielinski.

These recipes, by the way, are nothing new. Just as Bielinski's mother, Sasha Hawryszuck.

"Oh my God! That's from 17th century," said Hawryszuck.

[Reporter]: "17th century?"

"Yeah," said Hawryszuck.

[Reporter]: "Wow, boozy doughnuts."

"Boozy doughnuts and they're so good. Oh my God, I love them," said Hawryszuck.

To steal a line from a Kenny Chesney song, "one is one too many and two is never enough." I wonder if these things are legal.

You have to wonder, can you get a ticket for driving with an open container of these drunken doughnuts in your car?