By Jeanne Moos, CNN

A monkey in a fancy coat caused quite a stir when it got loose in a store parking lot.

You go to Ikea expecting cheap furniture, not expensively dressed monkeys.

There he was, running around outside an entrance at a Toronto Ikea, in an outfit that freaked everyone out.

"It's definitely faux fur. It's not a shearling it's like a faux shearling," said Robert Verdi, stylist to the stars.

Double-breasted no less. The tweets started to fly.

Anyone lose their monkey at Ikea? Well, actually, yeah.

The owner was shopping inside the store when the monkey managed to get out of his crate and then out of the car.

"All the people were trying to call it towards them but it was very scared, it was darting all over the place, they were trying to get it away from cars," said a witness.

His diaper only detracted a little from what was later described as his favorite jacket.

CNN asked Verdi to critique the look.

[Reporter]: "How stylish a simian is he?"

"I thought for a second it was an editor that I'd seen at fashion week," said Verdi.

Okay, it wasn't quite as formal as the red carpet outfit worn by the primate star of Hangover Part II, but who dresses up to shop at Ikea?

Animal Control folks eventually captured the 7-month-old primate.

Unfortunately for the monkey's owner, the shopping trip ended with a no return policy.

Because monkeys are prohibited as pets, the owner was fined $240 and had to permanently hand over the little guy, identified as Darwin. He stayed briefly at Toronto Animal Services.

"He's not very happy right now. He's having kind of a bad day," said Mary Lou Leiher with Toronto Animal Services.

Separation anxiety. He was moved to an Ontario primate sanctuary where it's hoped Darwin will live happily ever after, but his name will live on as "Ikea monkey."

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