BOULDER, CO (KUSA)- One of the students accused of serving pot brownies to his classmates at CU Boulder says he doesn't want to gain popularity from what he did.

Those are the only words Thomas Cunningham uttered as he was released on bond from the Boulder County Jail on Monday.

His alleged accomplice, Mary Essa, was released a few hours before him.

Both students are facing felony charges and could be forced to serve a couple of years in jail.

More than a dozen people ate the brownies at CU last Friday. Most of them were students, but a professor also ate one.

"I had half of one," classmate Sarah Meyer said.

Meyer's high from the brownies lasted a full day. She had to miss two exams and was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack.

"It kind of messed with my head a little bit because I thought I had some sort of disorder," she said.

Meyer believes Essa and Cunningham should be charged with a felony for what they did.

She's being allowed to make up her missed exams this week.

9NEWS legal analyst Scott Robinson says jail time will be determined if investigators are able to prove intent.

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