By Ashlee Baracy

DETROIT (WDIV/CNN) - Renovations at a Detroit home uncovered love letters and pictures from a World War II veteran.

The home's current owners found the letters tucked away above a heating duct in the basement.

It was dated on a Friday and reads "My dearest Stan, Sweetheart it was hard to see you go this morning, knowing that it may the last time I shall see you for a time, which we don't know how long it is going to be before we see each other again."

Hubert Sawyers was surprised to find the love letters resurface in his home that were signed, sealed, and delivered over 60 years ago.

"When we saw this we were hoping it would be a bag of bonds or bag of money. But honestly it was just really cool," he said.

The handwritten letters, black and white photos, and military discharge papers belonged to the late WWII veteran Stan Gargas, telling the tale of his young vibrant life before marriage.

"There are a few love letters from a lady named Violet," said Sawyers.

Stan lived in Sawyers' Detroit home decades ago. Tucked away above a heat duct in the basement, these precious memories didn't come to light until Sawyers and his wife were remodeling their home this past year.

With the help of Google, he was able to connect with Stan's nephew via e-mail, confirming the photographs are indeed Stan.

"He has taken a lot of the family photos and from, and he's been scanning them and archiving them," said Sawyers.

So what's the future for these snippets of history?

"We got messages from a local museum in Eastpointe that said they were interested in getting some of the photos for their archives. I would put it to the family to say if you want to donate these materials this is your call," said Sawyers.

The Sawyers have learned that Stan is survived by his wife, Sadie, who is now in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and hope someone in his family will claim the hidden treasure.

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