By Ashley Porter, WTSP

MANATEE COUNTY, Fl. - The last time Axel was at Manatee County Animal Services, the pit bull was rushed there because he was suffering from what appeared to be an axe wound on his head.

On Wednesday, Axel was there again, but this time it was in celebration.He's now healthy enough to move to a new foster home.

"I'm so excited," says Trisha Antonelli, who will be fostering him. She's also a professional dog trainer with Dawg Phonics. "I want him to see how welcomed he is and that people are not out to hurt him. He is a very loving dog, which considering the circumstances that he was in, I'm surprised he still has the trust."

His story started just after Thanksgiving. That's when it also could have ended.

"He's been really lucky. I mean, it hit him in the right spot, I guess if you can say that. Missed his brain and all that," says Dr. Luke Berglund with Beach Veterinary Clinic.

Beach Veterinary Clinic, along with the nonprofit Animal Network, stepped in to donate time and help in Axel's recovery.

"On our Facebook page, we have people across the country, across the world, emailing us about him to see how he's doing. It's pretty cool," Berglund says.

So far, no one has been charged in Axel's attack. Antonelli says she plans to train Axel before helping him find a forever home -- hopefully, she says, with her or a member of her family.

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