By Matt Henson

WARREN, Vt. (WCAX/CNN) - There's a moose on the loose at a ski resort in Vermont.

The animal is taking skiers by surprise and becoming somewhat of a celebrity.

It literally chased Jeff Palmer from his skis.

"I was like you gotta be kidding me, this thing is coming right for me," said Palmer.

He was near the Gatehouse Plaza at Sugarbush two days before Christmas when he noticed a bull moose headed right for him.

He popped off his skis and ran.

"I looked over my shoulder and it was closing in on me very fast," said Palmer. "My life flashed before my eyes, when I looked back."

Fortunately, the moose veered up the slope.

"It took me a second like riding home talking to my friends I was like 'did that actually just happen,'" said Palmer.

"Not unusual to have a moose in the ski areas. Let's face it, the ski areas they're cut out of the big broad woods," said Col. Dave Lecours with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

This particular moose has been spotted by hundreds of people at various spots around the resort over the last two weeks. At times, the resort has had to temporarily shut down a trail or lift until the moose moves back into the woods.

Palmer is the only person to have a close encounter with it, and it was the first time he'd ever seen a moose.

"Not the ideal way to see a moose for the first time. Rather have seen it from a distance not charging at me," said Palmer.

"We caution people, they are big animals, give them their clearance, don't get near them or agitate them," said Win Smith with the Sugarbush Resort.

Game wardens do not think the moose is sick, but it's just found any easier way to travel around the ski resort.

"You get off the trails and the snow is much deeper and obviously requires more work to get around, so there's always the possibility it is just being a little bit lazy in respect on how it wants to traverse the mountain," said Col. Lecours.

Wardens and the resort think Palmer's close call was in an isolated incident and that there is no reason for skiers to be afraid.

Palmer's experience has many skiers hoping to catch a rare glimpse of the giant animal at the resort.

"I have yet to see a moose here, I have not seen one, I keep looking for them, I hope to see this one," said skier Donna Wing.

"I'm glad I haven't seen it in the sense that I don't want it to chase me, but yeah I guess I am disappointed I haven't seen a moose here since I have heard all the ruckus about it," said visitor Donna Wing.

Palmer has been back at the resort to ski several times since he was chased by the moose.

The 19-year-old from Shelbourne hasn't see it again and is glad it was caught on camera.

"It's even better that I have the video to show people because they're like 'What do you mean it chased you?' I guess I'll take my 15 minutes of fame from the moose story," said Palmer.

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