By Scott Wegener

WEST CHESTER, Ohio (WCPO/CNN) - A lottery winner from Ohio is using her some of windfall to help others.

She's helping out those less fortunate, one pack of toilet tissue at a time.

While it may look like just a delivery of bathroom tissue, to the people at Reach Out Lakota in West Chester, these boxes represent paper gold.

"It's a basic necessity that people need, along with cleaning products and paper towels," said ian Murray.

A basic necessity that isn't covered by food stamps, and it's not something people think of when they donate to their favorite charity.

"You don't get a lot of it, and it's nice to be able to hand out rolls to families," said Murray.

Five thousand rolls of Charmin tissue come here by way of one good turn taking root and growing through several communities.

It started when Regina Jackson of Hamilton was laid off from her job.

"I came and got food and everything from Reach Out Lakota and Faith Community," said Jackson.

Then, a bizarre twist of fate; Regina won $1 million from Ohio Lottery.

The first thing that came to mind, pay back those who kept her afloat.

"I'm donating 5,000 to Reach Out Lakota, and also the Faith Community," she said.

When the local newspaper asked about the donations, she made an off-handed comment.

"If I could, I would donate a truckload of toilet paper, because it's one commodity that they only give you two rolls," she said.

Word spread, and before she knew it, Procter and Gamble came forward to match her donation with a truckload of two-ply.

She hasn't decided what to do with the rest of her winnings, but she's sure it isn't going to change Regina Jackson.

She also donated some of her winning to the Humane Society and a spay and neuter clinic.

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