By Matt Pearl

ATLANTA (WXIA) - It was Valentine's night, opening night at one of the hottest tickets in town.

Three performers at the Universoul Circus fell from the high wire, and one girl captured it all on her cell phone.

"I was thinking," recalls Kaitlin Miller, "'Oh Lord, please don't let this hit us."

The Universoul Circus opened its 20th season last week in the city where it started: Atlanta. During the show, the performers in the three-man high-wire act, in which one person carries two others on a wide pole, fell from the tightrope and landed on the mat. The pole went flying and came close to the front row, where Kaitlin and her family sat.

Recalls the 10-year-old, "The boy dropped the pole, and it went down the line. It hit me almost, but it fell to the carpet."

Circus officials say no one was badly hurt, although one of the performers was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Officials add that the pole never reached the audience; they have cut the three-man high-wire act from the show.