PALO ALTO, Calif. (KPIX/CNN) - For the last few days, an escaped eagle has delighted many people who reported seeing it soaring over the Palo Alto skies.

At times, she was even tree-sitting in various parks.

Her name is Sequoia, and all weekend long, she had the Palo Alto Zoo worried sick.

The 24-year-old raptor got spooked and wandered off during a flying exercise at the zoo on Saturday.
Her handlers spent days tracking her with a radio receiver around the San Francisco Bay Area.

They used a whistle to get her attention, and tried to entice her with tasty meals of quail and mice.

Finally, after three days, Sequoia decided to end her adventure and come home.

"I was really, really happy and concentrating on holding onto food really tight so she couldn't snatch it and fly by. And just hoping she'd come by me and not veer off at the last second," said John Flynn, Palo Alto Zoo raptor handler.

Zookeepers say Sequoia has actually wandered off eight times in the past 24 years.

She's spent her entire life at the zoo.