By Steve Handelsman, NBC News

The weather is lousy in the nation's capital, but President Obama is going ahead with a bold plan.

He's taking Republican senators out to dinner to talk about the budget deadlock that was on display Wednesday with a contentious vote in the House.

As rain and snow fell on the Capitol, House Republicans pushed through the Continuing Resolution, a bill to fund government through September.

It passed 267 to 161.

Democrats objected because the GOP plan would lock in sequestration, continuing the $85 billion in spending cuts affecting defense and social spending.

Some republicans claim the sequester cuts are what's propelling wall street to record highs.

House Speaker John Boehner said in an interview with CNBC's Larry Kudlow that it's up to President Obama to convince Democrats the cuts should remain in place as part of the Continuing Resolution.

"The President the other day indicated his willingness and desire to see the government funded after March 27th," Boehner pointed out.

Several prominent Republicans will attend the dinner with President Obama.

"I'm assuming the president wants to talk seriously about the issues of the day and if he just wants to have a dinner so we can get to know each other better that's fine with me," said South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham.

It'll be at a restaurant, neutral turf in stormy Washington, and a move to break the partisan deep freeze over the budget.

Next week President Obama comes to Capitol Hill for meetings with lawmakers, including one with House Republicans in another effort to break the deadlock.

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