By Tyler Wing

WESTWEGO, La. (WGNO/CNN) - A Louisiana woman, who police say was mauled by her own pitbulls, remains hospitalized Friday.

Linda Henry suffered extensive injuries. She lost sight in one eye and doctors had to amputate both of her arms.

"If she have a fighting chance if she come outta this," said neighbor Gerladine Sims.

"Linda Henry is a survivor," said Henry's sister, Elaine Hamilton.

A neighbor called police Wednesday, hearing 54-year-old Linda Henry inside her home being attacked by pit bulls and screaming for her life.

"Her eyeball was gone," said the victim's nephew, Cardell Henry.

"With the skin ripped open and fell to the front of her face. All of this was straight up skull," said Hamilton.

"They just came out of surgery with her and they had to remove her arms," said Sims.

Westwego Police say they heard the woman screaming inside but every time they tried to open the door, the dogs would charge, trying to attack them.

"There was police. There was over there a while trying to get in," said Sims.

"It kept trying to attack me," said Cardell Henry.

"Every time he tried to push they kept saying, get off of her, get off of her," said Sims.

"I think it was mostly due to her puppies that were in there too. And then once one dog goes off, the other ones are going to join in," said Hamilton.

Police eventually found a way to shoot and kill the three attacking pitbulls inside.

"When they opened the door, they fired like four shots for three dogs," said Cardell Henry.

"She's been around those dogs since they were born," said Hamilton.

A fourth pitbull was also shot and killed. Police say eight puppies found inside were taken to the animal shelter.

"All I'm asking everybody to do is pray for her. Cause she need it," said Hamilton.