By Amy Wadas

HAMILTON, Ohio (WCPO/CNN) - A fire damaged several buildings in an Ohio neighborhood, and officials say an 8-year-old is responsible.

DaEtta Miles sent us a photo moments after the garage went up in flames. She lives nearby and wasn't surprised to hear who set the fire.

"He's always out here by himself. He's never supervised," said Miles.

Jamie Young says the boy set fire to another building right before this happened.

"We put that out. I went and told his grandpa and not even 15 minutes later this happened," said Young.

"What we try to tell people is you have to realize that kids from an early age emulate their parents. And if they see parents using lighters and matches then they're going to try to follow that same trend. So it's very important that you keep them secure and that you also make sure maybe you don't use them in front of the children," said Brian Ruhl with the Hamilton Fire Department.

Chuck Keller owns the garage the boy set fire to.

"How's an 8-year-old boy, is what they're telling me that did this, get to play with matches or whatever he was doing and start fires?" said Keller.

Fortunately, he has home owners insurance, but says what's inside the garage won't be able to get replaced.

"This winter we gutted the house and fixed the drywall, insulated it and had all the baseboards. Done all the work of restoring it and filled all the knot holes, the nail holes, had it all refinished had everything ready to put back in and all that was stored in that garage. So that's gone," said Keller.