By Glenn Farley

EVERETT, Wash. (KING/CNN) - It wasn't just coffee men were getting at some espresso stands in Washington state. Eight bikini espresso stands were serving more than a view.

The names are suggestive; Twin Peaks, Java Juggs, the hottest coffee around. But according to Everett police, who conducted an undercover operation, what happened inside these so called "Bikini Expresso" stands was far from suggestive. It was explicit.

But what little the servers were wearing is not the issue.

According to police, the arrests are for crimes ranging from "lewd conduct" to "sexual activity." Espresso stands police say were used as fronts for prostitution.

And a man who works nearby one says the cops were swarming over this stand Tuesday morning.

"And when we heard customers coming from different areas because they have more than one location, it looks like all of them are being busted," said the man.

He didn't want to give his name, but doesn't seem surprised.

"We thought it was the regular thing. They always get checked on by the police here and there," he said.

One person arrested so far.

Snohomish County Sheriff's Sergeant Darrell O'Neill, a 30 year veteran, was arrested on a charge of conspiracy to promote prostitution and official misconduct. Everett police say the investigation into O'Neill on behalf of the sheriff's office is what started all this.

"That included video surveillance, that included in person undercover surveillance and interviews with witnesses," said Deputy Chief Dan Templeman.

Police say O'Neill was tipping off the stands to police investigations, stands owned by Carmela Ann Panico of Snohomish.

"It is disappointing, and 99.9 percent of those involved in law enforcement are honorable," said Templeman.

More arrests could be coming, and police say more work is to be done. Some of the baristas who were interviewed Tuesday could be charged later.

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