RUIAN COUNTY, China (CCTV/CNN) - Typhoon Fitow made landfall in east China's Fujian Province in the wee hours of Monday, packing winds up to 151 kilometers per hour, the National Meteorological Center said.

The storm, the 23rd typhoon to hit China this year, landed in Shacheng Township in the city of Fuding at 01:15 on Monday. It will continue to move northwestward but weaken quickly, the center said. A red alert, the highest warning, was issued for Fitow on Sunday.

Cities such as Fuzhou and Sanming in Fujian will see rain of more than 200 millimeters from Sunday night to Monday morning, Fujian flood control authorities said.

Due to the typhoon, power was cut off in Taishun County, Zhejiang Province at 23:00 on Sunday. The blackout also hit many townships in Cangnan, Wencheng, Pingyang and Dongtou counties in Zhejiang.
Mao Fanggui, director of the emergency office in Taishun County, said the downpour was lashing the county and most of its townships were hit by blackouts.

A boy in Cangnan County was injured in the abdomen by glass debris due to strong winds. He was being treated by doctors.

Rain and winds up to 201 kilometers per hour slashed Cangnan County and the Nanji Island Township, collapsing some houses in the county, said the Wenzhou Flood Control Headquarters.

As of 18:00 Sunday, some 574,000 people were evacuated and 35,795 vessels returned to harbor for shelter, said the Zhejiang Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.

In Fujian, 177,000 people were displaced and nearly 30,000 fishing boats were called back.

The typhoon has forced the suspension of bullet trains in several cities in Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi and halted services on at least 35 lines that pass cities on the typhoon's route, including services between Beijing and Nanjing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

Wenzhou Airport, a pivotal airport in Zhejiang Province, canceled 27 flights on Sunday, including flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Kunming.

Coach services between Shanghai and Wenzhou were also suspended on Sunday. Maritime authorities in Fujian and Zhejiang have closed seaside bathing centers and other entertainment facilities on the coast.

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