Spacewalks are slow and take hours to complete, but they sometimes contain plenty of drama.

NASA astronauts, on a mission to make repairs at International Space Station, spent 5 ½ hours Saturday on a high-stakes space walk, and they'll do it again Christmas Eve.

If you thought your holidays had high drama, it doesn't compare. The astronauts, Rick Mastracchio and Michael Hopkins, have already successfully removed a faulty pump that's needed to cool equipment on the space station.

A new pump was supposed to be installed Monday, but will now be delayed until Tuesday after a potential problem with Mastracchio's space suit was discovered Saturday.

"One of the suits showed maybe a sign that it got a little water into the evaporator on the back, on the flash evaporator, which cools the suit when you're outside," said retired astronaut Chris Hadfield.

NASA says the astronaut wasn't in danger and that the issue with the space suit isn't related to what happened in July. That's when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano nearly drowned after water leaked into his helmet. It's a reminder of the dangerous nature of the work being done 220 miles above earth.

The recent hit movie "Gravity" puts a highly dramatized science fiction spin on the risks of space work. Risks every astronaut on every mission understands.

Mastracchio will have a new spacesuit ready to wear when he and Hopkins head back out Tuesday.