INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana woman attempting to maintain a good diet says she ended up with a whole different kind of protein from a snack she bought at a store. But we want to tell you, the video in this story is not for the squeamish.

"Trying to eat healthy, Lord. That's what I was doing. I was trying to eat healthy," said Denise Stone.

For almost two months, stone has been trying hard to eat right.

"I had not eaten nothing fried, no pop, none of that," she said.

So, when she was shopping at this big lots store and got hungry, she opted for the most wholesome snack she could find.

"I bought a Kashi bar, saying, Okay, I'm still going to eat healthy, I'm still going to eat healthy,'" she said.

Stone paid her $0.79, walked out to her van, and dug in.

"When I bit into it I said, 'Uhh, eating healthy is so nasty.' I had closed my eyes and said that," she said.

But, when she opened her eyes, her nightmare was staring back at her.

"Then I just looked at the pack and I just seen maggots, and I just started spitting, I just had them everywhere. I was screaming. I had maggots all in my mouth," she said.

The protein bar was filled with living protein in the form of dozens of big, fat maggots.

"Look at that sucka. Do you see that? That gives me some chills. Lord," said Stone.

It's enough to make even the least woozy among us, cringe, and sure enough, when Stone looked at the wrapper, July 2, 2013.

But when she went back into the store, "The manager said, 'Well, I'll just give you your refund.' I said, 'Refund!? I just said I had maggots all in my mouth from your protein bar!'" said Stone.

With tax, it was a refund of $0.85. Instead, Stone took her Kashi bar and left.

She doesn't know how the maggots got into a sealed snack, or why expired products were being sold at the store. But she does have an idea for Kashi foods: a modified slogan.

"It's seven whole grains on a mission, with their friends too," said Stone.

Stone says she doesn't have any legal plans as of now. She did plan to go to a hospital to make sure nothing unwelcome was still in her stomach.

So far, Kashi has not responded to the report.