NASHVILLE - One Tennessee university's baseball program is always looking for top players to add to the roster, and on Wednesday, they "signed" a 5-year-old boy.

It isn't often there's this much excitement about a player agreeing to play college baseball at Lipscomb University. But it isn't often Lipscomb finds a player as special as 5-year-old Brooks Russell.

"He um, was paralyzed for about six weeks, and was using a walker for about two weeks. Um, and it was a very slow process, much like watching a 1-year-old learn to walk," said his mom, Kari Russell.

Born with a benign brain tumor, Brooks surprised doctors by walking again. The "signing" was another surprise.

"We just felt like in his situation that it would be a great thing to add him to our family," said Jeff Forehand, Lipscomb University head coach.

Forehand called him a five-star player, gave him an official jersey and baseball cap, and everything star athletes experience when announcing where they'll play college ball.

"Have the opportunity for him to have the hoopla that surrounds it, everybody wanting to ask him questions and you guys being here and those types of things," said Forehand.

Reporter: "Brooks how excited are you?"

"Uh very excited, more than I could ever imagine," said Brooks.

"I mean he's just super excited. He probably won't quit talking about it for a while," said Russell.

But right now, unlike other star athletes signing national letters of intent in front of packed gyms and a national audience, this star player isn't saying much.

"He better come to Lipscomb. If he's a good player, if he keeps progressing and talks about the hitter he is, hopefully in 15 years maybe he'll be the same type hitter and become a Bison," said Forehand.

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