SARPY COUNTY, Neb. - It's the call to 911 that has everyone talking. Dispatchers hear a lot of strange things, in this case it was panting on the other end of the line.

Could this be a real emergency? Nobody answers, and the dispatcher hears scratches on the phone.

"They thought, they were thinking 'Oh my gosh, ya know? This has never happened before," said Marilyn Gable, Sarpy 911 assistant director.

If it was real serious, Gable wouldn't be smiling. On the other end of the line, a different emotion.

"It's a little embarrassing," said Melissa Acosta.

Why you ask? Well, ask Sophie. Yes, Sophie, a Japanese chin used her paws on Acosta's cell phone to reach emergency operators.

"I just got my phone away from my dog," said Acosta on the 911 call.

Reporter: "Can you ever recall a dog calling Sarpy County 911?"

"No, I certainly can't in all the years I've been here this is definitely a first for us," said

Sophie apparently pawed and scratched at the phone until someone answered on the other end.

"I thought she was just trying to curl up next to me because she usually does that and she was digging with her paws," said Acosta.

Not only did she find someone to answer, she let the whole house know.

"Not only did she dial 911, but it was on speaker," said Acosta.

A two-pound furball who's plenty of trouble. Sophie might not get an extra treat before bedtime but her family is happy to share the humor she inadvertently dialed.

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