FREDERICK, Md. - In Maryland, a blind and deaf dog is safe and sound at home after being trapped in a sinkhole for several hours over the weekend.

Crossroads Emergency Vet Clinic was the last place Susanne Geary expected to find herself with her 14-year-old Lhasa Apso Samantha, Sunday afternoon.

"She's had the experience of her life being in a sink hole from 7 a.m. until 2:30 today," said Susanne.

She took Samantha for an early morning walk when the sinkhole unexpectedly enclosed the dog.

"I screamed HELP! HELP! And some neighbors came out to help me but we could not get her out so of course we had to call emergency," said Susanne.

Samantha was reportedly pacing back and forth in the hole for roughly seven and a half hours.

Officials are saying the sinkhole resembles the shape of a hockey stick. It's reported to be about eight feet long and project outward by about two feet.

Although Samantha, who is also blind and deaf, is reported as being in good condition now, getting her out of the sinkhole took a lot of work from Frederick City Public Works, several fire rescues, police, Animal Control, and Frederick County Advance Technical Rescue.

"We're pumping warm air down into the hole. They tried using food to bring the dog closer to the opening," said Chief Mike Dmuchowski.

Officials initially dug by hand but after 45 minutes used a backhoe to expedite the process.

After the ordeal, Samantha was taken to the clinic for a bath and x-ray. Susanne is delighted to be reunited with her dog.

"She's alive and well and can't you tell? She's alive and well and ready to go," said Susanne.

The pooch is ready to go for the next journey in her life by putting her best paw forward.

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