FORT WORTH, Texas (WFAA) - Pets were removed as evidence from the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic Tuesday in a case that's shaking pet lovers to their core.

"We love this vet; they've been nothing but good for us," said Symantha Spence. "We just want to make sure."

She wants to find out whether her golden retriever — who died at the clinic in March — is actually dead.

Spence went to the facility in a panic Tuesday after learning that another dog, Sid — who was supposedly euthanized in October — is actually alive.

Sid's owner, Marian Harris, is "incredibly angry." She said she agreed to have her dog put down after being told that he had a degenerative spine issue that would not improve.

Harris said she got a call right after Easter from former clinic employee Mary Brewer, who said the vet kept her beloved pet alive, unbeknownst to them, and used him for a blood transfusion.

Harris said she immediately called police, then went to the clinic and took her dog back.

"Our assumption was at that point he was going to be euthanized within 24 hours. And six months later I get a call from Mary that he's still alive and he's walking," she told News 8.

Brewer said other dogs who were supposed to have been put down are also alive.

What does she think of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic vet?

"I think he's evil. Anybody that can do that and not have no remorse... something's wrong," Brewer said.

On Tuesday, both local and state officials spent hours at the clinic at 5709 Lovell Avenue as they launched investigations. No charges have been filed, and the state doesn't discuss any complaints against vets.

Fort Worth police say Millard Tierce is the vet named in the police report. People Tuesday said the doctor goes by the name "Lou."

Another client, Bruce Barker, showed up Tuesday and was surprised when he saw all the police presence. He was even more surprised when he learned what it was for.

"Shocked," he said. "He's been my vet for 10 years. He's a genius."

Barker stands by the vet. However, he also had a pet put down in December, and never questioned whether it actually happened until now.

"I want to see proof, first of all," he said. "They're innocent as far as I'm concerned until there's proof."

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