CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. - Four minutes and 12 seconds of chaos erupted when a woman stepped onto a school bus to confront a child she believed hit her stepdaughter in the mouth.

The incident, captured on a video obtained through a The Leaf-Chronicle public records request, shows Kela Ieshia Hand, 22, grabbing a 7-year-old St. Bethlehem Elementary School second-grader and shouting profane threats at the child and at all the other young children on the bus.

The morning of April 25, an elementary school girl was apparently hit in the mouth at the Raleigh Court bus stop. The girl's mother and her mother's partner, Hand, boarded the bus to find out who hit their daughter, and things quickly escalated.

The video shows Hand getting on the bus, walking past the driver as the driver objects, yelling at the children, and trying to lead the 7-year-old boy she initially suspected of hitting her daughter off the bus as he cries and screams.

Hand is heard on the video telling the boy she is going to "(expletive) him up." The boy said he would tell his mom, according to the warrant, and Hand is heard yelling, "Go ahead. I will (expletive) her up too!"

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