NEW YORK - Someone is posting names of alleged rapists on the campus of Columbia University in New York.

"It's not like this was a fun thing to do for whoever wrote it, I'm sure. Honestly it was a last resort, just out of desperation," said student Cami Quarta.

"If we felt protected and safe, this wouldn't be an issue," said Zoe Ridolfi-Starr.

Two university students, who are survivors of sexual assaults on campus, respond to a flier that claims to list the names of four male students who were either accused of sexual assault or were officially found guilty of the crime by the university.

WPIX-TV is not showing the names, but the flier was found at a frequently used women's bathroom in the university library during the busy exam period.

"I'm really glad that I saw the names on that list because I can use the information to better protect myself and my friends, when the university has clearly failed to do that," said Ridolfi-Starr.

The list on the flier is in response to images being wiped clean by the university. Somebody has written out the names of alleged Columbia University sex assault suspects.

"The fact that so many students are really vocally saying we feel unsafe, we feel scared enough to have to scribble on bathroom stalls to try to get justice, or to just try to keep other people safe from going through the pain that we've gone through, that demonstrates the climate here," said Ridolfi-Starr.

Both women are part of a group of 23 who got the support of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in filing a federal complaint about how Columbia has handled their cases of sexual assault. They say their alleged attackers get suspended if found guilty of sexual violence by a university panel.

Eventually, however, the sex assault violators are allowed to come back to the university, they say they need the university to be the main and stronger form of law enforcement for their specific situation.

"We have survivors who are taking the elevator up and all of a sudden, their rapist gets in," said Ridolfi-Starr.

"If you want your rapist out of your class the NYPD can't do that. Columbia has to be involved. It has to be in charge of making sure that when you're in the library studying for a paper, your rapist can't be in that library," said Quarta.

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