HIALEAH, Fla. - It's three minutes of video that may make you cringe when you see it: children unable to escape a pool as it becomes electrically charged.

The video released by Hialeah police Wednesday completes a better picture of what happened at the palm west garden apartments last month.

It looks like your typical Sunday swim: kids enjoying the water as their parents and grandparents supervise. Plenty of fun in the sun until the pool became electrically charged.

One girl touches the hand rail then suddenly freezes after feeling the jolt. A man gets shocked as he quickly pulls her out. People run to safety, but another girl appears paralyzed.

"She went unconscious," said 10-year-old Diego Cabrera.

Reporter: "So, how scared were you when you saw that she wasn't responsive?"

"I was crying," said Diego.

In an earlier interview, Diego said his sister was blue. The video shows her grandfather coming to her rescue, yanking her from the water and getting shocked himself in the process.

Diego said he felt it, too. He spent several days in the hospital.

"I was in the pool, then the metal, the metal railing. I was swimming close to it, then I felt the shock," he said.

A preliminary investigation has pointed to unconnected ground wires in the pool pump house.

WFOR-TV reported the pool passed a 40-year inspection, last year. It also passed two health department inspections, both with requirements that the pool be up to electrical code.

The pool is still closed and drained, and some doubt it will ever be this crowded again.

Reporter: "If they ever fix the pool, will you go back in it?"

"No. No. I don't feel comfortable," said Diego.

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