TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec (CTV) - Two parents are reunited with their newborn child just hours after a woman dressed in medical scrubs kidnaps her from a Canadian hospital.

And it's all thanks to some good Samaritans who heard about the kidnapping on social media.

A police officer about to cry, he said, cradled little baby Victoria as he returned her to her mother.

A moment the baby's uncle, Daniel Cossette, working at the family garage, feared would never come.

"And when I learned she find her... Whew. A big stress is gone," Cossette said.

All the more because Cossette was visiting new baby Victoria last night.

He actually saw the woman dressed up in scrubs taking the precious newborn down the hallway for routine tests, she told him.

"She had the attitude, the uniform, we didn't presume she was a kidnapper," he said.

But police say the 21-year-old suspect put baby Victoria in her car and drove off.

The news of the nursery snatching spread quickly, and a group of friends spotted a social media posting.

They decided to join the search.

The good Samaritans led police to the suspect who was arrested and is in hospital, and to the healthy baby, three hours after the abduction.

"The doctor has examined her," the hospital's director general said. "She is healthy, and the family is euphoric."

Victoria's parents posted a photo, and their thanks online.

But also a warning to other parents -- not to be fooled by a uniform.

This case has raised a lot of questions about security.

"Hospitals in the province have to revise their protocols, security protocols, so that everything is in top shape and to see if we can do better," Gaetan Barrette, Quebec Health Minister, said.

Many hospitals tightened up protocols in the 90's after a series of kidnappings in Ontario hospitals.

That includes more patrols, ID bracelets for mothers and babies, and ID badges for personnel.

The hospital will now review its security measures just to see how they failed.

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