BEND, Ore. - A middle school in Oregon has confiscated its newly delivered yearbooks. School officials discovered too late that student hackers had inserted inappropriate material into them before the books were shipped to the printers.

"I'm kind of mad because it's just two to three kids who kind of ruined it for 800, so nobody got their yearbook," said Nick Brees.

Nick, a Cascade Middle School student, had just finished sixth grade. The accomplishment, quickly overshadowed by a message from the principal.

"They made the announcement saying that kids had written inappropriate stuff and they keep finding more and more by the minute so teachers have to recollect yearbooks," said Nick.

Nick's father says he was disappointed his son didn't get to keep the yearbook, but understands the school's choice.

"I support the school for doing what they did. They made the right decision," said Scot Brees.

A decision that wasn't easy to make.

"We just felt like it was wrong. We can't send it out and we're going to reprint them and try to get them to families as soon as we can get those reprinted," said Principal Stephanie Bennett.

A reprint that will cost money. Money the school doesn't have. But one local business owner has decided to step in and make a difference.

"Immediately I realized I live in a community where that's not okay with me and I wanted to do something about it," said Steward Fritchman.

Nick says he's still confused as to why his classmates would do such a thing.

"I know one or two not personally, but they're pretty good school kids. I don't know why they would do this," he said.

An investigation is now underway. The principal says some of the hackers have now been identified.

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