FAIRFIELD, Conn. - At first, the woman hearing the voice didn't know what to think. She was near a school in a Fairfield neighborhood when she heard what sounded like a child's cries for help.

"The voice kept saying 'Daddy, daddy, daddy,' then said 'What?' Almost as if the child was talking to somebody else," said James Perez with the Fairfield Police Department.

The woman called police and then started following the "cries."

"As she was looking for the source of the voice, she kept following it and brought her to a tree near the school where she looked up and saw it was a parrot," said Perez.

Yep, you heard correctly. A parrot, Ralphie to be exact. The voice the woman was hearing was not a child at all, but a bird about 25 feet up in a tree.

It turns out, Ralphie had been missing for days. His owner lives about a mile away. Police rescued Ralphie and brought him home.

"We're just happy there were no children that were hurt and that it wasn't a child at all but in fact a bird just yearning for its father or its daddy, and we got it back to him," said Perez.

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