TOWSON, Md. - His head is between his paws, flat out on the floor. A round of chemo will do that to you. It's so sad for Little Joe.

"I cried a lot when we first heard the diagnosis, and when we first heard about it, it was just terrible to think about what he's going to have to go through," said Kathryne Shomali.

Before fine china, sofas, and big screen TVs, this newly married couple wanted a dog, and once they looked into Joe's eyes, they knew he had to come home. They've had him just two years.

"We haven't even had just the chance to enjoy him," said Kathryne.

Little Joe didn't get off to such a great start in life. He lived in and out of motels, didn't go on walks, never played with toys. But Joe, in your final days, you're going to be treated like a king.

His mommy has come up with 15 items on Joe's bucket list.

"He has gone on a blind date, he's eaten an ice cream cone, and he took a donation to the Maryland SPCA," said Kathryne.

And get that tail waggin' Little Joe because there's still more left to do!

"He has riding in a fire truck, he has eating a Big Mac, and he has meeting Baby Shomali in December," said Kathryne.

This is what happens when we fall in love with our doggies. You do what you can.

Joe waits at the door for his daddy to come home, he cries a little, but there's gonna be no crying, not now. There's too much left in Joe's life.

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