HOUSTON - The mother of a slain 4-year-old wants a YouTube user to stop posting photos of her child. Brendan Gonzalez was murdered by his father in Nebraska in 2003.

Ivan Henk proudly admitted he killed his own son and placed the child's body in a landfill. The child's remains have never been recovered, but his mom has accepted that he is gone.

"Nobody wants to be a part of a club like this," said Rebecca Gonzalez. "You always think about your children whether they're with you or not."

Rebecca Gonzalez, who now resides just outside Houston, is experiencing a new layer of pain. It started back in January, when a YouTube user posted a montage of her son's photos, suggesting the child is still alive.

The user suggests what Brendan looks like now and even goes as far to say that the boy is involved in a child trafficking ring.

"If someone's posting lies about your loved one, you want to fight it. You just can't let it go," said Gonzalez. "You don't need fresh wounds put on top of the old ones."

Gonzalez has flagged the video more than 100 times. She has repeatedly begged the user and YouTube to remove the video. It briefly disappeared but is now back up.

"She needs to leave my son out of it. We've been through enough. My son's memory deserves more than that," said Gonzalez.

The user insists that those objecting to her video are part of conspiracy to hide the truth. She says she will keep posting until they kill her or put her in jail.

Gonzalez just wants the user to leave her son's name and pictures out of it.

"It can happen to anybody's child, and that's scary," added Gonzalez. "You can't just use people's images of their loved ones for sick twisted missions."

Gonzalez is now looking for attorney.

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