SPOKANE, Washington (KHQ) - A family in Spokane, Washington woke up in the middle of the night Saturday shocked to look out their back window and see police trying to catch a cougar in their backyard.

"I actually started crying because I have two young kids and I just thought gosh had this been any other time they could've been outside playing. I have a five year old who plays unattended any other time who know what would've happened," said Emilee Hearrean.

Emilee says she woke up to loud noises right outside her back door.

When she looked outside she saw several police officers with flashlights and guns drawn.

"They had flashlights and they quickly told us keep your dog inside there's a cougar outside," she recalled.

A giant cougar, in the very spot her kids would normally play.

After about 20 minutes police were able to kill the cougar and take it away, but because of where they live Emilee still can't believe it even really happened.

"It was just really scary seeing a cougar laying in your backyard just a foot from your back door. I just can't even wrap my head around it," she said.


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