CHICAGO, Ill. - As 3-year-old Jason Ares continues to recover at Mount Sinai Hospital, charges are now filed against two men whom police say unintentionally shot the boy during a gang confrontation in Brighton Park. Nineteen-year-old Alger Sanchez and 22-year-old Anton Aseves are charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery and discharge of a firearm.

It's another one of those cases where the offender has an extensive criminal history and shouldn't have been on the street in the first place.

Police say the toddler was standing in front of his home with his mother and another man when two women and a man walked past them on the street. When they reached the end of the block, police say the male turned around and started shooting at an unknown target. Three-year-old Jason was hit in the stomach and hip.

Earlier today, Superintendent Mccarthy said police recovered the weapon that was used in the shooting.

"If we stem those guns from coming in and we put people in jail for possession of firearms, we'll see the murder rate and the violence rate go plummet even more so than it's been doing today.

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