HOUSTON, Texas - The doggy doors are meant to be big enough for Buddy and Pancho, but it was also big enough for this guy.

Surveillance video shows a burglary suspect making his way into a home on Bron Holly Drive near the Heights.

Tony Ragsdale and Doug Eldrige were away in Galveston for the night when they got phone call.

In the video, the man who didn't even bother to disguise himself crawls right in through the doggy door.

The suspect tried to steal a bike, but as you can see, he had some trouble riding it.

He tried to flip his foot over it.

During the whole time, Pancho and Buddy were home and didn't hear a peep.

Doug and Tony are glad the burglar didn't get away with anything, but they want him caught.

I feel violated, your home has been ransacked and you don't know what to expect.

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