SEBASTIAN, Fla. - After spending nearly 300 years on the ocean floor, two artifacts worth thousands of dollars have surfaced thanks to a treasure hunting family from Florida.

For hundreds of years, it's been on the ocean floor. These treasure hunters have found gold coins, necklaces, but they've never found anything quite like this.

Brought to tears by the find of his life, Rick Schmitt has been treasure hunting since he was fourteen. This was the moment he's always dreamed of. His family was off the coast of Fort Pierce hunting for Spanish treasure. It was his son who spotted a glint of gold.

It was the missing piece from a mystery artifact found in 1989.

"I pretty much knew what it was right away, nothing's ever looked like that before. It could only be the missing piece," said Eric Schmitt.

For decades, archaeologists thought the artifact was some sort of picture frame from the late 1600s. Now complete, it's believed to be a pyx, a holy vessel used by a high ranking Catholic Church official to carry the Eucharist.

It might be the biggest score of their treasure hunting career, but the Schmitt family isn't ready to quit.

"We keep going, you don't stop when you're hot. You don't do that, if you ever play cards before you don't stop when you're on a roll," said Eric.

The other piece, found in 1989, has an estimated value of $600,000. It still hasn't been determined exactly how much the new find is worth.

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